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I’ve been really rushed to renovate a couple parts of my home but everywhere I looked there were no openings other than these guys who came in and helped out. They did a great job on the porch, kitchen, and lower suite- it’s very impressive considering the low price.

Edward Jacobs

I read too many horror stories about renovators before meeting up with this company, but I’m glad I did. They were honest and forthcoming from the start, and we’re able to answer all of my questions. The result was better than any hope I could’ve had, and their completion time frame was much faster than other people said they could do.

Samantha Carter

The contractor’s focus is on results. They focus on getting the desired end result as quickly and efficiently as possible, with consideration given to every detail. I appreciated that they left my house in just as good of condition it was in before starting work.

Madison Ortiz

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Not all home renovation companies adhere to our high standards.

Rest assured that our building contractor will have the knowledge, skill and experience to get your renovation right the first time. Our professionals stay current on Nanaimo building permits. They are punctual and friendly. They’ll go out of their way to save you money.

Don’t wait another day to make your dream home a reality. It’s Time Home Renovation is up to the task.