Renovating Nanaimo Bathrooms In 100 Year Old Homes Isn’t Easy.

renovated bathroom
First Class Nanaimo Renovation

If there’s any bit of advice we can give homeowners about their bathroom renovations in their older home it’s this: “expect the unexpected”. Recently we completed an ensuite, and powder room in downtown Nanaimo, and there were lots of surprises including severally damaged floors, asbestos tiles, knob, and tube wiring, and damaged floorboards. What was most disappointing was most of these issues were covered up by the previous renos; concealed by the previous homeowner.

Fortunately, there were some signs of the issues that came up in the “planning and renovation ideas stage”, and we advised the homeowners beforehand. In the end, the project stayed on budget and the customer was so happy that we “found cost-effective solutions to problems which developed during the home improvements process”.

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